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Understanding Biostatistics

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Understanding Biostatistics looks at the fundamentals of biostatistics, using elementary statistics to explore the nature of statistical tests

  • Описание
  • Basic concepts are illustrated with representations from history, followed by technical discussions on what different statistical methods really mean

    Discusses distribution functions, including the Guassian distribution and its importance in biostatistics

    Explains basic statistical methodology represented in terms of graphics rather than mathematical formulae, whilst highlighting the mathematical basis of biostatistics

    Graphics are used extensively throughout the book in order to introduce mathematical formulae in an accessible way

    Key features Discusses confidence intervals and p-values in terms of confidence functions

    Looks at problems of estimating parameters in statistical models and looks at the similarities between different models

    Provides an extensive discussion on the position of statistics within the medical scientific process

    The main focus here is on ideas, rather than on methodological details

    This book is intended to complement first-year statistics and biostatistics textbooks

    This book will be useful for biostatisticians with little mathematical background as well as those who want to understand the connections in biostatistics and mathematical issues.

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